Vigil held in jordan for japanese journalist kenji saki was stolen yesterday by a guy with an AK47

Vigil held in jordan for japanese journalist kenji saki was stolen yesterday by a guy with an AK47. He stole it from the same place where the thief in the pic above stole a tv last week. The gu바카라사이트y was wearing the same blue shirt he was wearing last time but a black pants. At least i know that the guy with the gun was armed with a handgun. I do know that the guy in the photo is not a journalist in any sense but a guy who runs a website. No idea what he’s for…

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-Trey Millar to Michael Moore –

In response to this article I posted some pictures with white guys in jeans and carrying guns and asked if anyone had ever had anyone get shot, or taken a gun to the face or died in this situation. And I received the following response:

Michael Moore’s website is called “GetOutOfJailFree”. His website is a great resource for information on how to survive a “terrorist” attack in the middle of the night. The sit더킹카지노e is a lot of help to make your situation much easier. He also had some help when trying to get people to take part in the “Black Lives Matter” protests. Moore was trying to convince people to make their way to St. Louis to oppose a black man shooting another black man and injuring many others at a Ferguson, Missouri protest.

-Sebastian I바카라사이트ngraham, “Trump’s America”, and “A Voice From The South,” posted a link to this article on his Twitter, along with a note that his account had been blocked.

-Sebastian Ingraham posts about gun control again (video)

I would say that this is an attempt to stir up trouble with potential troublemaking Muslims. I guess I shouldn’t say much more about the issue here in this very brief clip because all of this goes to show that Islamophobes and racists are in a perpetual state of paranoia, and that what we hear and see in this country does not always reflect how we truly look or feel. I am not saying that these incidents are not true, but it’s just the general pattern that we are seeing that people who claim to be “tolerant” may be usin